Saturday, August 20, 2005

Frank Beckmann Article on Sheehan

I've long enjoyed Frank Beckmann as a sportscaster and commentator. He seems like an intelligent and moderate man. Reading his recent column on Cindy Sheehan, however, saddens me greatly. It is just another example of how terribly divided our country is at the present time.

Clearly, the blame for this rests overwhelming on the shoulders of the Bush Administration and their supporters, such as Beckmann. Yes, that includes the "the 29 Democratic senators who approved the Iraq war resolution in 2003", as Beckmann points out. But how much more those such as Beckmann.

Courtesy of Eric Alterman, here is what Bush (& supporters such as Beckmann) has wrought:

tens of thousands dead; more than that wounded; hundreds of billions wasted; the hatred of the world; the creation of countless terrorists and torture victims, the destruction of a nation; and the dishonoring of the leadership of the United States of America. All in the service of something that “was never realistic,” an “unreality” that was sold to us by a dishonest, fanatical group of ideologues and their cheerleaders in the so-called liberal media.

What’s is perhaps most galling about this is the fact that if you tried to warn your fellow citizens against just this likelihood three years ago when it was still preventable, you were part of some decadent, fifth-columnist coastal elite that hated America, while the chest beating patriots were the ones who drained this nation of its blood and treasure in the service of their own lethal combination of ignorance, arrogance, and ideological obsession. [Altercation - MSNBC.com]

Does this sound shrill Mr. Beckmann?


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