Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mike Norman Says It Well

From Mike Norman --

But since global capacity exceeds the demand that the US and rest of the world can absorb, the world is faced with a demand shortage, which manifests as massive unemployment and underemployment, as well as sub-optimal economic performance resulting in massive foregone opportunity. The present approach is not working and cracks are widening in the foundation. The fact that the dollar is a source of controversy shows this. On one hand, China wants to export to the US, and on the other, fears dollar depreciation that would affect its savings in dollars.

The challenge is to increase effective demand in order to grow the global economy. Ideally, this would evolve from a democratic new world order based on interdependence in a way that is sustainable financially, economically, politically, socially, environmentally, and ecologically. For this to happen, a fresh approach to globalization based on a new vision of possibilities and a grand strategy for achieving this vision are required. This is the discussion that we need to be having now. Neoliberal austerity is leading to economic underperformance and social unrest.


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