Thursday, November 10, 2016

An Optimistic Take on the Election

I don't like Donald Trump, but he is unlikely to follow up on his surprising triumph with a Reagan like transformation of government.  He is extremely unpopular among both Democrats and Republicans.  Reagan was a gifted orator and connected well with his audiences. Trump is a clumsy buffoon.  He was elected because people are upset with the status quo.

Hillary would have been a deeply unpopular president also.  That's perhaps not her fault, but she's just been a target for too long and has too much baggage.  In my opinion, the Bernie Sanders' campaign was a real surprise.  He might have been able to win the general election, but people weren't ready to abandon what had previously worked with Bill Clinton and Obama.  Now that that's over, the path is clear for the Bernie wing to provide a clear alternative moving forward.  Let's turn over the party to a new generation and reclaim power, while Trump struggles with the incoherent factions in his own party.

Compared to a more "respectable" Republican, Trump is better with regard to trade and war, in my opinion.  His position on immigration reflects popular opinion.   He is worse on the environment than most.  He is lacking in leadership and administrative prowess, which bodes well for Democrats comeback attempts.

So the Trump election is a bump on the road of progress, as our nation and world struggle to adapt to rapidly changing technological landscape.  It's a wake up call progressives need to lead on the important issues.


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