Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Worst Nightmare

I'm not a big fan of the NY Times -- take a look at this and let me know what you think:  Lee Camp: How to Write Propaganda for the NY Times – As Demonstrated in an Article About Me

With regard to the specifics regarding Trump and the Republicans, my opinion is that they are both headed for electoral disaster.  As Leonhardt (Weak Trump, Strong Paul Ryan) and Chait (why Republicans won’t impeach Trump) make clear, Trump has abandoned many of his campaign promises to the relatively numerous working class.  Tomasky (the backlash in Kansaspoints out that the Republican Kansas legislature has just overridden Governor Brownback's veto and passed a sizeable progressive tax increase.  And today we read that Austerity is over, May tells Tories:
Theresa May is poised to bring to a close seven years of austerity after Tory MPs warned that they would refuse to vote for further cuts.
Republicans and Tories like power, and generally this is attained by cozying up to the wealthy.  But, occasionally, maintaining power requires more populist measures.  We may find ourselves confronting big-spending Republican budget busters -- my worst nightmare.  While Dems are consumed (unproductively) with Russia, Republicans may take the political high ground.

So Leonhardt's missive is encouraging in the sense that Republican legislators seem to think that passing tax cuts for the wealthy is a winning electoral strategy, and they are probably wrong in that regard.

All opinions expressed above may well be wrong (c:


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